every time i download software it puts it in text edit

i was trying to download after effects from a torrent site but every time i finish downloading it, it just s it in text edit am i doing something wrong or do i have to have some sort of software to download software from torrents if you have downloaded it from a website before can you tell me how. and also i have a mac if that makes a difference.

haha, you noob, you cannot just download a .torrent file and expect that to contain the actual thing you wanted to download. a .torrent file only contains information on where the client will be able to obtain the item from.i am not going to give you any other help on this matter, if download software you want to break the law, learn how to do it yourself, don't make others become an accessory in your crimes.

you are downloading illegal software from other people's computers that has been pirated and probably has embedded viruses. buy the program legally.

dear ladygentleman,i quess you try to download from a torrentlink with (safari) your webbrowser.yes, if you want to download a torrent, you need a torrentdownloader.so you save it, the download goes very industry leading (short i might say for a file). yeah, you only download the torrent address.yeah, go and latest software download a torrent.start google and typetorrent downloader for macthere are a lot of links for you to explorer, so take your time.hopey i let you known enough and you will find the answer you seek.industry leading regards & industry leading wishes 2011!oh, for the industry leading.there are legal and illegal torrent downloads.

it depends on the file type (the extension).Tell us that and we'll tell you what you need. http://www.lovesoftware.net/